3commas Declines That Its Employee Got API Keys

3Commas disputes that a worker got access to the company’s API code. The user states that its API number was compromised are also refuted by the cryptocurrency trading company, which also advises the client to contact the police. 

The recent news about the theft

The cryptocurrency exchanging company, 3Commas, contradicted that a previous worker gained its API number and affirmed the photos and other evidence making the rounds on the internet media that such news was just false and misleading.

They advised the subject clients to call the police force in order to prevent the thieves from stealing their money.

The crypto-related corporation’s co-creator and Chief executive officer Y. Sorokin claimed in a blog post on December 11 that invalid photos and proofs of theft of Cloudflare code were spreading on social media and claimed that 3Commas has a vulnerability, but that is not connected to the stuff of the company.

Such info was simply demonstrating the irresponsibility of the company’s management to others and it will suffice. 

Free access to log files and user data

Such info is spread all around the net. The CEO of the company advised impacted users to call the police to freeze their trading wallets in another blog post published in December.

The sooner that is accomplished, the more likely it is that the trading platform will catch criminal wallets to prevent money from being redirected to other accounts, accelerating the possibility that close to all of the money will be get back. 

According to the company, the exchange can provide investigators with information from a police report made by an impacted user.

As the crypto reporters stated, the company claimed that a crypto exchange that used it had its Binance-based wallet shut down after protesting about the loss of funds. 3Commas account was connected to the stolen API key. The incident’s cause has not been assigned by the company.

As a “factor” in the theft, according to 3Commas, there is proof of a hacker attack. The latter, as for the company’s report, began in the Fall of this year when the attackers experimented with various methods.

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