Apple Net Worth

Apple Inc. is also popular as Apple is an American multinational company. It is famous for the manufacturing of electronics gadgets. Important among them are smartphones, tablets, PCs, and many more for instance. Apple has a net worth of $ 2.43 Trillion I.e. $ 2430 Billion as of 2021. In Other words, its net worth is 180 Lakh Crore Indian Rupees. In this post, the readers will know more about this technology wonder Apple.

Apple Net Worth
Apple Net Worth

The birth of Apple:

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak both were friends over their passion for technology. They met through a mutual friend. Both of their unending love for technology ultimately gave birth to Apple in 1976. Eventually, their foundation become the world’s most profitable company as per the Fortune Global 500 list.

Facts of Apple:

It is one of the world’s largest companies and most well-known technology companies. It ranked fourth in 2021 but, fell to rank sixth in the 2021 Fortune Global list. Still, it is a popular technology brand. However, in 2020 apple made a record. It became the second company in the world to hit the $ 2 trillion value mark. Aramco – a Saudi Arabian company took the first rank.

Key facts:

  1. The iPhone maker’s stock is up almost 55% so far in 2020. Since the market hit a low point amid the coronavirus recession the shares have rallied more than 106%.
  2. However, Apple’s stock is at an all-time high as now it is trading nearly $ 470 per share.
  3. Even its market cap now eclipses other U.S. tech giants. Microsoft 9$ 1.7 trillion), Amazon ($ 1.6 trillion) for instance. Moreover, it also eclipses Google parent Alphabet ($ 11.1 trillion ) and Facebook ($ 761 billion).
  4. In addition to that, in 2020, it is the first U.S. company to achieve a $ 1 trillion market cap. They even did it just over two years ago in 2018. They even surpassed the oil giant Aramco in 2020. After reporting strong third-quarter earnings in July 2020 they become the world’s most valuable publicly traded company.
  5. Even Apple’s market value at $ 2trillion now is higher than the GDP of numerous developed countries. Among them, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Canada, South Korea, etc. are for instance.

During pandemic situation:

Unlike other companies, Apple flourished during the pandemic situation. Many people were forced to stay at home. As a result, the company got benefit from work-from-home trends. Which is followed by strong online sales. Eventually, it posted record third-quarter earnings in late July. In fact, it generates nearly $ 60 billion in revenue. In other words, it is double-digit growth in its products and service segments. However, Aramco- the oil giant in Saudi Arab hammered due to the pandemic situation. Therefore, it results in there this year’s global economic slowdown and a plunge in oil prices. As a result, Apple topped them grabbing the benefit from the pandemic situation.

Future of Apple:

Apple runs great in 2021 along with the path of its past success. Apple’s business model seems poised for further growth in the future. It is the result of a rabidly loyal customer base and a wildly popular product line.