Beware of mobile tower installation fraud

There are people who offer their piece of land for the mobile tower installation. That is because it is a profitable deal to make. They offer their land for installing a mobile tower as once a mobile tower is made, they can earn a lot of money from the mobile company. They have to offer a monthly sum to the landowner that is a significant amount one can achieve.

Most telecom companies are always looking for these types of landowners. Because the mobile users are increasing so much thus to maintain the quality of the network, they have to plant more towers for which they need different pieces of land. But there are few fake telecom companies also present that steal money from people. These fake telecom operators cheat people and steal money from them.

How does this fraud happen?

Cheaters always try to find new ways through which they can cheat and steal money from people. These fake operators stay in contact with innocent people and convene them to rent their land for mobile tower installation. They temp them by promising them to offer incredible rental income. Mobile tower installation is a process that offers massive money, which makes people greedy.

Due to which people get ready and deposit money as the fake operator asks to do. However, they never install any tower on their land as the sole purpose of stealing money is completed. Then the owner tries to contact them to get updates on renting their land, but they are now non-reachable. Many people have faced these cases because people get carried away like so much money is offered.

Does the telecom regulatory authority of India (Trai) offer any compensation?

There are times when fake operators combine the name of Trai in their fraud. By saying that, they need to give money to get a no-objection certificate that is given by the telecom regulatory authority of India (Trai). When people listen about Trai, then they trust them and put their money as asked to deposit.

But if her you will not be able to take any compensation from Trai as they are not liable to pay you any amount. So to avoid these types of cases, Trai sends a message to all people that they should be aware and do not issue any NOC.

What should a victim do?

If you are safe, then you should not make a deposit with the provider unless you get proof that they are genuine. But if you are a victim, then instead of accusing the telecom regulatory authority of India (Trai), you should take legal action against the person who has cheated you.

Final words

You should beware of these websites as they can take steal your money. Trai is spreading awareness among people by telling people that they do not issue any such NOC. Therefore it is the duty of the people to check out about the company if someone contacts them to deposit the money. By reading the complete information, you can understand how fake operators attack people and how you should deal with them.