Bhuvan Bam Net Worth

First of all, Bhuvan Bam is the first content creator on YouTube who crosses 10 million subscribers on the platform. His net worth is more than $ 3 million as of the 2021 report. In other words, his net worth is more than 22 crores Indian Rupees. He proved himself. Moreover, he indeed proved the proverb ‘if you can dream it, you can do it. In this post, the readers will know more about the talented YouTuber in detail.

Bhuvan Bam Net Worth
Bhuvan Bam Net Worth

 The journey begins:

In 2014, this 27 -year-old YouTuber for the first time uploaded his video. However, little did he know about his fate. Due to his contribution soon he became one of the biggest content creators in our country. Since then he enjoys a massive fan following on YouTube. In addition, he is also popular on other social media platforms. As a result, he has an insane amount of subscribers on the video-sharing platform. In other words, the number is over 20 million.

Early Age:

Bhavan Bam is also famous as BB. He was born on  22nd January 1994. He was an unloving and comedian since his early school days. Every known person loved and appreciated him to a great extend. In other words, he was very famous within close circles. During a TEDx Talk at IIT Delhi, he shared his ‘Success Mantra’. Due to his unique writing skill and originality, he touched a huge audience. Therefore, his originality is the one by which his dreams come true. Eventually, he formed his YouTube channel ‘BB Ki Vines’.

His Income source, Salary, and monthly income:

His major chunk of income comes from his successful YouTube career. Even he has his music videos and brand endorsements. These are also his source of income. Of course Bhuvan thanks his huge fan for their support. His mainstream income comes from his live musical performance and original songs. However, his major chunk of income comes through advertisements played on his YouTube channel. This is all thanks to his popularity on YouTube. Other than this another source of his income is by performing in events, stage shows, and college fest, etc. His official YouTube channel BB Ki Vines currently has 170+ uploaded videos, with over 20.1 million subscribers. Moreover, he has over 3 billion total views.

His monthly income is more than 25 Lakhs. Moreover, his salary is more than 3 Crore.

Growth of Bhuvan Bam Net worth:

BB Ki Vines has a net worth is more than $ 3 million. Moreover, BB has huge growth in his net worth. The growth rate is increasing at a rate of 1400% in the past two years. It is expected that his monthly income and net worth may grow at a fast pace of 500% every month.

In Conclusion:

Bhuvan Bam was the first YouTuber in India to cross 2 million, 5 million, and 10 million subscribers. Today he is ranked amongst the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers. His success also bagged several awards. In 2016 The WebTVAsia awards and 2019 The Film fare awards for instance. He won the WebTVAsia award as the most popular channel on YouTube. Moreover, he won the Filmfare award for the Best short film.