Can I Stay in the Philippines if I Marry to Filipina?

If someone will marry any Philippines person then they can stay in this country permanently. But they have to apply for a residence visa to stay here legally. Let’s discuss the process for applying for a visa after marriage with Filipina:

There are few requirements to get this visa, take a look at the following steps to be familiar regarding the same:

  1. There is a need for a fully accomplished visa application form. These application forms must have 2 copies.
  2. The original password of the applicant.
  3. Basic documents of Filipino spouses.
  4. Marriage certificate which donates the relations of both.
  5. Original documents of birth are required
  6. and passport size photographs
  7. Most important are secondary evidence documents, the identity of the citizens.
  8. All medical reports must be insured.

Have a look at the step-by-step guidelines:

  • Firstly, the applicant has to secure the application form from and one can get it from the immigration office, embassy of the particular country, or on the website.
  • Get the slip of order for the application for a residence visa and payment slip.
  • The inquiry must be essential to get a visa. The inquiry schedule shows on the official site and in this Image and fingerprint capture.
  • After attending the inquiry they must submit the documents.
  • Check the status of the visa from time to time.
  • Once all the information and requirements before submission of the passport for visa grant

According to the embassy in the Philippines: This document proclaims that the nonnative person can marry the native person and there is no legality. According to the law, there is only a need for one legal document of marriage.   People must have a character certificate as this is one of the most important documents while getting married to a local resident.  This document plays a significant role while someone is in any foreign country along with the character certificates; a government of the nation also gives preference to the other references letter. These documents put emphasis on the good personality of the person.  However, there are a few other requirements and rules as well that one needs to fulfill and people can get information regarding the same through various websites or the immigration agents can also assist their customers in getting permanent resident or stay in this country.

The most important document related to a spouse is getting from the church minister who has direct personal knowledge of the foreign spouse character?

This all concludes that any person whether a local or foreign person. Who was decided to marry in the Philippines or any other country was required to submit specific requirements.

After the marriage with the spouse Filipina in the Philippines, one has to apply for a residence visa in the same country by submitting all the legal documents in a correct manner. This visa is also known as a 13 A non-quota immigrant visa.