Can Indians get PR (Permanent Residency) in the Philippines?

The Philippines is located in the southeast of Asia and the beautiful surroundings of flora and fauna are rich with natural resources. The world’s greatest variety of biodiversity is founded in these tropical regions. Tourist is mainly attracted by the beauty of the Philippines. The beaches, islands, rainforest, mountains all are the most popular destination for tourism in the country. If a person wants to stay in this beautiful landscape of the Philippines, he needs to appeal for a residence visa. Let’s talk briefly about the visa services fee and other important things.

Philippines visa fees: if a person is applied for the fees for processing and insurance of visa application, then a person needs to all the amounts and fee.

The details of the price list are as follow:

  • Single entry valid for 3 months Rs 3100 ( restricted nationals) and single entry valid for 3 Months Rs. 2370 ( other nationals )
  • Multiple entries are valid for 6 Months Rs. 6230 (restricted nationals) and multiple entries are valid for 6 Months Rs. 4740 (other nationals )
  • Multiple entries are valid for 1 year Rs. 9430 ( restricted nationals) and multiple entries are valid for 1 year Rs. 7110 (other nationals)
  • Transit visa (restricted nationals) Rs. 3160 and transit visa (other nationals ) Rs. 1580
  • Students visa Rs. 19750 this is the same for both the restricted and other nationals.

These are different types of visa applicants. The type of visas for the person can apply is: 

  • Transit visa.
  • Study visa
  • Religious visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Employment visa

There are so many basic requirements that need to keep in mind to fulfil. The visa application must be filled and legally completed in the English language only. There is a need for one passport size photograph.

How to apply for a Philippines visa?

If a person wants to apply for a visa it can be done by all the mentioned pointed:

Through a travel agency and apply from another country embassy. A person must visit the authorities at the New Delhi embassy if they wish to apply for a visa to the Philippines. This all concludes that the person needs to go through all the processes till the end. The visa can also be applied from the travel agency. To apply from the travel agency a person need to download the application form. Once the application is submitted to the agency then the application is forwarded to the embassy of the Philippines.

General policies of visa application need to maintain the Philippines:

When applying for a Philippines visa, certain conditions and policies need to keep in mind to pay attention to. The necessary submission which having the guarantee to submit the requirements which are being requested by all the officers in the embassy.

This is to keep in mind that the person has to submit all the financial documents also along with the visa application and get permanent residence.