VeChain Launched An Eco-Friendly Mining Solution

On the 17th of November this year, the VeChain foundation tweeted that a new seamless connection between the mainnet and its other services. The new system has reached its latest phases, enabling the VeChainThor to gain finality. Twitter was buzzing with excitement as users celebrated the company’s realization of their dream.  The successful vote on … Read more

New Mining Strategy Will Reduce Energy Costs

Argo crypto company advised the market in a strategy update released this morning that the terms of a formerly unveiled twenty-four million pounds funding statement will not be implemented. A different source of funding is sought after by cryptocurrency miners. As part of its efforts to farther increase interchangeability and maintain capitalization, the AIM-listed company … Read more

All You Need To Know About TRON Mining

The decentralized blockchain platform TRON aims to transform entertainment and sharing content digitally. The purpose of the Tron project is to cut out the middlemen between content producers and users. The project focuses on decentralized gaming, content development, and distributed file sharing. Moreover, decentralized apps (dApps) are also often built on the TRON blockchain. The … Read more

The Japanese Financial Holding SBI Will Stop Mining In Russia

Japanese SBI Holdings Inc. will close its mining business in Russia due to the fall in the bitcoin exchange rate and the risks associated with the conflict in Ukraine. In April, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against BitRiver, the operator of data centers for mining The Japanese financial corporation SBI Holdings Inc. has announced that … Read more