The Double Standard of JPMorgan

Many investment companies like Fidelity Investments, BlackRock, and JPMorgan are making strong forays into the world of crypto. Fidelity is the latest of the bunch to get into crypto, but they announced that the company will be offering crypto as assets to 3 million of their retail traders and included a couple of crypto offerings … Read more

Craig Wright Digs Himself an Even Deeper Hole


The ongoing court hearing between @Hodlonaut and Craig Wright is getting even hotter when we thought that it would not escalate any further until the release of the document containing the results of an independently conducted audit by KPMG, a multinational audit company that offers its services in Europe, Asia, and North America. However, Craig … Read more

Charles Hoskinson of Cardano Says that There Is No Return from the Vasil Hard Fork

As the hotness of the Ethereum merge reduces, another hype train gains traction. Cardano has been quite active recently due to the preparation for the upcoming Vasil hard fork. It is an event that will bring more utility and improve the performance of the network while allowing developers of dApps on the platform to scale … Read more

Cardano Moves Closer to the Vasil Upgrade Date

Alonzo Hardfork introduced the smart contract functionality to the Cardano network and brought more utility to its users and developers of decentralized applications. Now, the network is steaming ahead to the next upgrade — the Vasil hard fork that should occur on September 22. The event was delayed once, but it will happen this time. … Read more