27% Surge Has Cardano Flipping XRP to Be 6th Biggest Crypto

Cardano gained around 27% within the past day as the platform awaits its much-anticipated Vasil fork set to arrive in June. Briefly – ADA surged more than 27% today, surpassing Ripple as the 6-largest token in the crypto list. The uptrend precedes that anticipated Vasil upgrade, which will improve the blockchain’s efficiency and throughput. The … Read more

Terra: Nansen’s Research Unveils New Info on UST’s De-Peg Debacle

Recent reports suggested the Terra fall early in May didn’t emerge from one party. Instead, Nansen analysts flagged seven wallets as they evaluated on-chain stat from Ethereum to Terra. Moreover, the report concluded that hackers didn’t perform the de-pegging fiasco. The Nansen research (titled Demystifying TerraUSD De-Peg) attempts to investigate the Terra crisis. The reports … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC) Still Under Pressure Despite Tuesday’s Bullishness

Tuesday sessions saw BTC gaining 1.93%, ending the day near $30,417. The uptrend emerged even with BTC Fear and Greed Index slumping to 8/100, the lowest market since 14 March 2020. Technical indicators display red as Bitcoin sits beneath the 50-day Exponential Moving Average. NASDAQ support saw Bitcoin surging 1.93% yesterday, partially reversing Monday’s 4.66% … Read more

Whales Dump Tether (USDT) Worth $710M amidst De-Peg Fears

Latest Santiment data shows whales actively dumping their Tether holdings amid de-pegging risks. Yesterday’s trading sessions saw USDT plummeting to $0.97 before recovering to its $1 value area. The decline sent shock across the market. Even large crypto wallets experience psychological pressure, whales selling USDT worth $710 million. The figure represented the highest 1-day USDT … Read more

Where to Buy Coinbase Stock (COIN) Dip?

Coinbase Stock (NASDAQ: COIN) crashed today, dropping 12.60% (-10.52) to around $72.99. Coinbase noted a loss in its latest quarterly results and reported users declining. Here’s a guide to purchasing the Coinbase stock amidst a dip. The last five days had the leading U.S crypto exchange recording a more than 41% decline in the stock. … Read more

Bitcoin (BTC): Was $30,000 Local Bottom or More Bloodbath Impending?

The past few days had Bitcoin on a free fall, completing six successive red weeks. Intensified bearishness saw BTC breaking beneath $37K, which offered a sturdy foothold within the previous months on several occasions. The price plummets emerged after Bitcoin encountered rejection while attempting to overcome the 50- and 100-day MA lines and triggered massive … Read more

How Today’s FOMC Meeting May Impact Your Crypto Holdings

Bitcoin and the altcoin market await the next catalyst after ending April on a bearish note. Though the current condition reflects an improved mood, market players remain worried due to the upcoming FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) conference. Assets within the cryptocurrency marketplace have experienced substantial sideways actions over the past two days. That is … Read more

Cardano (ADA): What Recent “10% Increase” Could Mean for the Price

You are undoubtedly familiar with the crypto market and blockchain technology. That can mean understanding the block size concept and benefits that networks with large block sizes boast. You may have encountered an announcement by the Cardano team aiming to increase the project’s block by around 10%. However, how has the alt responded so far? … Read more