Price Analysis for COVAL, XMON, SURE, and more NFT-Based Cryptocurrencies in Past 30-Days

In the past 30-day performance analysis for the NFT-based cryptocurrencies, the cryptocurrency demonstrating the highest growth is Circuits of Value (COVAL). The analysis shows that the price of Circuits of Value has surged by 219.48% in the past 30-days. The performance of Circuits of Value in the past 7-days shows that its price has experienced … Read more

The Crypto Market in 2021: Top Gainers and Losers of the Year

Not all cryptocurrencies recorded positive price actions during this year’s bullish run. Indeed, 2021 has been a bullish year for the crypto markets. Bitcoin and other assets recorded new ATHs multiple times this year. However, not all crypto tokens registered remarkable performances. The space has seen top losers and gainers as far as price gains … Read more

Japan’s Taxes on Crypto Companies are Driving them Out of the Country


Crypto companies operating in Japan have urged authorities to alter their tax policies, as some claim that they are pushing them out of the country. However, the policy announcements of the government recently indicated that they are not paying heed to these calls. The ruling coalition in Japan had given its approval for a tax … Read more

LUNA’s Price Surges To $100 on key Markets

Earlier today, The unique token for Terra attained its all time high, capping off its greatest profitable week to date. During the fall season this year, Terra witnessed exponential developments, culminating on Friday when its primary digital currency, LUNA, hit an all time high of $100. The tremendous momentum UST, a cryptocurrency original to Terra, … Read more

Life Lesson About Foreign Exchange

Foreign Exchange

Foreign trade is the shopping for and promoting of online currencies from various nations by the web. Of course, foreign exchange is a method of building money by purchasing and promoting of currencies but it surely’s rather more than that. It’s additionally a technique of leaving life classes that be virtuous or constructive relying on … Read more

Bent Finance’s Staking Platform Hacked, Investors Advised To Liquidate

Cryptocurrency staking and cloud mining platform Bent Finance is now amongst the eight crypto institutions hacked this December. The staking firm confirmed the attack via social media hours after it happened. The confirmation announcement was followed by a customer-wide notification requesting investors to withdraw their funds from its staking pool. Bent subsequently disabled the claim … Read more