Do I Need A Pool Safety Certificate?

Swimming pools are such fun to visit. But, drowning is one of the increasing causes of death of children under five years old. The drowning can be protected by supervising young children, teaching them to swim to them, and have effective pool fencing helps to save lives. That’s why the government introduced pool safety laws.

While owning a pool, the owner should have proper documents. In addition, any seller or buyer of real estate with a pool must follow the pool safety laws that the government considers.

Basics Of Pool Safety

You must register your pool. You can simply check it on the pool safety register website; you can enter your address and click on the search button. If you are not registered, you will see a pop-up message where you can click on register pool.

You should make sure that you follow all the laws as an owner of a pool. The pool should be fenced properly with a minimum height from finished ground level, which is 1200mm; the pool’s gates should not open the pool area inwards and must be self-closing from all positions. Doors and windows should not open onto the pool area and not open more than 100mm and have a security screen fitted.

You should have a pool safety certificate; this is the main requirement when properties are sold. You can register for it online, or you can find a licensed pool safety inspector if you want a certificate.

Why Is It Mandatory To Have A Pool Safety Certificate?

Having a pool safety certificate is mandatory because it decides the area where you will get your pool. And also all the necessary points that should be remembered as a pool owner. And this also checks all the safety installations you should have in your pool.

As in recent years, the drowning cases in a personal pool are towering; that’s why the government introduced pool safety measures and having a pool safety certificate got mandatory. This certificate is provided only to the owners who take complete care of all the safety equipment.

People who are owning the land can get a residential pool as they are permitted for that. All these rules are just mandatory for the people who have a larger pool than 300mm.

What If You Don’t Have A Pool Safety Certificate?

If you don’t have a pool safety certificate, you can find a licensed pool safety inspector who will provide you with legalization for a residential pool. You can contact them for your requirements for building a pool. After that inspection gets started, they will inspect your pool area and give you a permit card. While you are making your contract, you should take care to complete all the questions asked related to the pool area.

The Conclusion!

From the above article, we can conclude that it is necessary to have a pool certificate. What are the points that one should remember while getting a pool safety certificate. The points that one should remember while constructing a pool.