Does the US accept dual citizenship?

Before we delve into the question of the US accepting dual citizenship, consider the meaning of an individual having dual citizenship. It implies that a citizen of two nations would share the rights and responsibilities of both nations simultaneously. However, not all nations would accept dual citizenship. Moreover, the rules would differ among the ones that allow dual citizenship.

Would the US accept dual citizenship?

If you were a naturalized citizen of a different nation, the US government would not require you to relinquish your citizenship in the nation of origin. Regardless of the Oath of Allegiance to the US speaks of renouncing allegiance and fidelity to other countries, rest assured that the US immigration law does not bring up the topic of dual citizenship openly.

However, despite the US government accepting dual citizenship, it does not necessarily imply that your nation of origin would also accept dual citizenship. A majority of nations do not recognize the status of you being a naturalized US citizen in their nation. When an individual of another nation becomes a US citizen, most nations would revoke their citizenship automatically.

Therefore, it would be imperative that you understand the rules for dual citizenship in your nation of origin before looking forward to becoming a US citizen.

Rights of dual citizens in the US

Let us delve into the rights of dual citizenship in the US.

Ability to work anywhere

Before acquiring a work visa, you could apply for employment anywhere in the US. However, being a dual citizen, you might not be eligible to apply for certain federal jobs. It would need security clearance and the ability to maintaining the confidentiality of classified state information. It could be a challenge if you were also a loyal citizen to a nation having conflicting interests with the US.

No restrictions on travel

Being a US citizen, you could travel anywhere in the US. It also enables you to travel to any nation for as long as you desire without the fear of your US citizenship being revoked. Moreover, you would not require acquiring a re-entry permit to return due to your stay outside the US for more than a year. The rule has been similar for green card holders or permanent residents.

The right to vote

Regardless of you have dual citizenship; the US government gives you the right to vote in any US election.

Green cards for family members

You could obtain green cards for your adult children, and the parents, while the siblings could apply for their green cards independently.

Attend schools anywhere in the US

You could seek enrolment in any US school without a student visa or paying international student tuition rates.

Accessing public benefits

You could make the most of public benefits if you were eligible to meeting the requirements to apply for public benefits.

To sum it up

To summarize the position of the US government in the best manner on dual citizenship, consider going through the opinion of the US Supreme Court. It entails that an individual may become a citizen and exercises the rights of two nations while adhering to the responsibilities of both nations simultaneously.