Looming Inequality as UK proposes to Fund Social Care from Higher Council Tax

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Experts reviewing proposals submitted by the Chancellor of Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, downplay funding social care from higher council tax as aggravating inequality. The plans announced by Jeremy Hunt to source social care funds from higher council taxes are poised to undermine the leveling up reforms initiated by the predecessor. Economist Andrew Dilnot considered the budget … Read more

EU Cryptocurrency Regulation Agreement

EU new laws on cryptocurrency trading and exchange regulation will be worked out by 2024. This could create limits to the cryptocurrency stocks and assets produced outside Europe and decrease EU competitiveness on the crypto market. Diplomats from 27 EU member countries discussed the issue in the European Parliament on June 2 and worked out … Read more

Brazilian Senate Wants to be Advised on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Policies as they Hire Experts

When El Salvador announced in mid of 2021 that it was legalizing the usage of Bitcoin (BTC), the entire world opposed its decision. Nayib Bukele was heavily criticized by governments from all over the world for his actions and his move to adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. Turns out, other countries from all over … Read more

NZ Central Bank Signals Aggressive Monetary Policy Tightening

On Wednesday, the central bank of New Zealand delivered its seventh consecutive increase in interest rates. In addition, the monetary authority also signaled that it would continue to maintain a hawkish stance in terms of monetary policy tightening in the next few months in order to control inflation. Rate hike Some traders were taken by … Read more