S&P 500, NASDAQ and Dow Jones after Last Week’s Surges – Price Forecast

Ukraine-Russia conflicts remain in focus. The US central bank increased the main rate (by 25 bps). The previous week had top stocks in gains: S&P 500 (+6.2%), NASDAQ (+8.2%), and Dow Jones (+5.5%) Wall Street’s main indexes (S&P 500, Dow Jones, and NASDAQ) rose for the 4th consecutive session on Friday, registering massive weekly gains … Read more

Gold Prices Hit $2K amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Equities and Bitcoin Drop

Gold prices hit $2,000 on Monday amid escalated Russia-Ukraine war. Equities and Bitcoin record plummeting actions. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues despite negotiations. The turmoil had gold, the historical haven, surging to monthly peaks above $2,000. Gold Price Hit $2K Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a military operation in Ukraine on 24 February. … Read more

What Russia-Ukraine Conflict Means for Global Economy

Russian attack on Ukraine heightened uncertainty within the global economy. Western nations imposed sanctions on Russia as they condemned Putin’s military operation. Russia’s military operation in top Ukrainian cities had world economy uncertainty intensifying. Meanwhile, western leaders declared restrictive economic policies to target individuals and financial institutions in Russia. The sanctions included freezing assets of … Read more

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Effects on Cryptos, Bonds, and Gold

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine unveils ripple impacts on the global economy. The NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) introduces some limitations on cash transactions, considering martial law declaration. Russia sees similar developments as Ruble declined by 30%. That comes as the nation hiked interest rates to 20% from 9.5%. Russia raised to counter … Read more

Here’s Why EUR/USD Plummeted despite Record Inflation by EU

EUR/USD plunged to its lowest mark since 2020 May. The pair declined even as Eurostat revealed massive inflation data. Experts predict ECB will delay the asset’s lift-off. Euro (EUR/USD) plummeted to its lowest mark since 2020 May. That came despite European inflation climbing to record peaks in February. The pair trades near 1.1095, around 10% … Read more

Here’s Why Russian Ruble (USD/RUB) Is Dipping

USD/RUB has seen massive bullish trends recently. The pair gained 20% as the market opened. The performance emerged after the latest sanctions USD/RUB climbed to record peaks early on Monday as Vladimir Putin and Russia encountered a thick plot. The pair gained over 30%, hitting record ATHs of 106. However, the asset plunged again. Russian … Read more

2021: A Year of Financial Ups and Downs

Stock Trading

While people thought 2021 would usher in stability for international markets, the dramatic events of the last eleven months have proven otherwise. Several events such as COVID pandemic, inflation, and economic sanctions shook the global financial markets. Stocks had rallied and showed no signs of slowing down. Energy conservation and a rise in the price … Read more

Dogecoin (DOGE) to Outshine Shiba Inu (SHIB) With 60% Upswing

Briefly – Dogecoin price reveals trifecta bullish entry situations. Short-sellers failed to capitalize with a submission move. Plunging risks, though limited, still exist. Indeed, Dogecoin has displayed disappointing price actions for meme coin enthusiasts. The original dog crypto lost almost 35% of its price during November sessions. However, the situation seems to change soon. DOGE … Read more