Ethereum Will Stay Strong After The Merge

While the whole crypto community continues buzzing with speculations about the future of ETH and the Ethereum network, we can firmly state that it seems that positive forecasts have more substance than what doomsayers come up with. It seems implausible that ETH will drop to $400 by the end of September or that the hard fork will occur and that the new token will outperform ETH.

One of the biggest reasons we believe everything will be fine is that the news cycle around the merge is mostly positive. With Buterin defending the switch to proof-of-stake with all his passion and zeal and many industry experts claiming that the future of ETH is exactly in the new validation mechanism, it seems that the ETH community is charged with positive news.

However, people who are not really into ETH should be convinced to ensure that the price is stable in the long run. Several news stories might sway those who doubt that the merge will be a beneficial event to the side of positive thinkers.

The first big news is that Myria will bring in more game developers working on projects that will utilize the security provided by the Ethereum network in their work. The new Layer 2 solution will allow developers to offer ways to ensure that users can trade NFTs efficiently and in large volumes, as the Myria L2 platform will be handling over 9000 transactions per second using the ZK-Rolling system.

It was a good story that came in at the right time, but the biggest announcement that will make many people think twice before making negative predictions. Binance includes ETH in its fee-free trading program ensuring that thousands of traders will start using ETH with even more opportunities to earn money. While it may facilitate the selloff of assets by whales, other traders benefiting from frequent trading will be more than happy to work with ETH.

The series of such positive stories is exactly what ETH needs to stay strong even amidst uncertainty and chaos that make many believe that the token can start losing value.

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