Everything You Need To Know About Canara Bank Scholar Corner

It is a government bank which is ranked as number four. It is governed by the ministry of finance and the government of India. Its headquarter is located in Bangalore. It was established in 1906 as a private bank; later, in 1969, the government of India nationalized the bank. The Canara bank has been getting popular among people in the last few years.

This popularity is because of the feature that they are providing to the bank’s customers. The bank is proving various services to their customer, but the most famous among all is the Canara bank scholar corner. Now let’s understand this scholarship.

What is Canara scholar corner?

It is a scholarship that the university grant commission organizes. This scholarship is provided to the student. A test is conducted which students have to pass to get this scholarship. Here the Canara bank is just acting as a middle man between the UGC and the eligible student for the scholarship. The bank has to disperse the fund to the students on time.


The benefit of this scheme

There are plenty of schemes available to the students that they can access. For being eligible, you have to clear the test. Once you clear the test, you can access the following benefits.

Indira Gandhi Scheme For Single Girl child 

If you are a single child of your parents and a girl, you are eligible for this scholarship. With this scholarship, you will get a good amount every month. You will get an allowance of rupees 3100.

Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship For SC

As you will get the idea about this scholarship from its name. If you belong to a schedule caste background, then you will get this scholarship. In this scholarship, you will get rs 28000 every month.

Fellowship Of Net/Jrf

A student who has been selected to get appear in the exam of Net and Jrf then you are eligible. Under this scheme, you will get the amount of 28000 every month from the Canara bank corner.

Vivekananda Single Girl Child Scholarship For Research In Social Science

You will be provided rs 28000 every month if you are eligible. Now let’s talk about the eligible students. It is primarily available for those who are in the PWD department.

Ishan Uday Special Scholarship Scheme For North Eastern Region

In this, you will get 5400 rs every month, not a bad amount. You will get 5100 RS if you have opted for a general degree. If you have applied for some technical degree, that will provide you technical knowledge. Then you will be paid 7100 RS per month.


After applying for the scholarship, you have to clear the test. It is a good option for students that are not able to manage their expenses. If you got this scholarship, then you will not be any more dependent on any other person. If you are eligible, then go and apply.