BOJ Policymakers had Warned of Harm from Excess Yen Moves in April

Minutes of the policy meeting of the Bank of Japan in April showed that some of the board members had been concerned about the excessive volatility in the Japanese currency. They had been concerned that it would disrupt the plans of corporate businesses, which highlighted the challenges that policymakers had to face because of the … Read more

Forceful Fed and Weak Pound Pushing Bank of England to Act Big

Fed- Bank of England

With the Sterling sinking and the US Federal Reserve raising borrowing costs rather aggressively, it is understood that pressure will be high on the Bank of England (BoE) policymakers to announce a substantial interest rate hike this week. Increase is Inevitable Despite the fact that data showed Britain’s economy shrinking in April unexpectedly and indications … Read more

UK Job Market Loses Inflation Heat

UK inflation

The jobless rate climbed for the first time in Britain since late 2020 and there was a cooling in other measures of the hot labor market in the country. This is likely to ease the inflation concerns that the Bank of England (BoE) may have, which is scheduled to raise interest rates in the country … Read more

Where to Buy Coinbase Stock (COIN) Dip?

Coinbase Stock (NASDAQ: COIN) crashed today, dropping 12.60% (-10.52) to around $72.99. Coinbase noted a loss in its latest quarterly results and reported users declining. Here’s a guide to purchasing the Coinbase stock amidst a dip. The last five days had the leading U.S crypto exchange recording a more than 41% decline in the stock. … Read more

Kraken Exchange Receives Abu Dhabi License

Kraken is among the leading cryptocurrency exchange globally. The trading platform can now operate in Abu Dhabi following the Monday certification. Kraken pushes into the Middle East as the region witnesses increasing crypto adoption. The market registration of Abu Dhabi revealed the move in an announcement. Kraken became the first platform certified to operate as … Read more

Bent Finance’s Staking Platform Hacked, Investors Advised To Liquidate

Cryptocurrency staking and cloud mining platform Bent Finance is now amongst the eight crypto institutions hacked this December. The staking firm confirmed the attack via social media hours after it happened. The confirmation announcement was followed by a customer-wide notification requesting investors to withdraw their funds from its staking pool. Bent subsequently disabled the claim … Read more