How do I Register My Bank Account with COL Financial?

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COL Financial is a reputable online stockbroker inside the Philippines that operates under the COL Financial brand. It is a trading participant on the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), as well as a member of the Securities Clearing Corporation of a Philippines (SCCP) and the Securities Investors Protection Fund, Inc. (SIPF), among others.

What You Will Need?

For your withdrawal requests, you’ll need to provide details about your bank account. COL Financial generates a check in the name of the COL account holder to be cashed when a withdrawal request is submitted. You have the choice of picking up your check at their Pasig, Metro Manila, office or having it deposited straight into your bank account with them.

If you choose the bank deposit option at checkout, your withdrawal check will be credited to the bank account that you have registered for your COL account. Remember that the bank account must be in the same name as the COL account and allow check deposits.

Log into your COL account and follow the steps below to make changes to your banking information:

  • First step: Enter to the tab HOME
  • Second step: Enter the link CHANGE PROFILE inside a sub-menu
  • Third step: Enter the button EDIT beside the potion BANK DETAILS
  • Fourth step: Enter the new bank details you have on the given fields. Check the details for making sure everything stays correct.
  • Fifth step: Click on the button SUBMIT AND PRINT

Note: This bank code is often an abbreviation or shorthand of the bank’s name, which allows us to identify the bank quickly. You will be prompted to enter your bank code once you have chosen your preferred financial institution from the drop-down menu.

Three boxes have been designated for the bank’s address in the form. In order for the request to be processed, all three boxes must be completely filled out. Please split the address into three parts and fill in all three fields.

Sixth step: Print this form

Seventh step: Sign on the potion indicated. Remember that if you are interested in accounts or joint, then just one signature is required.

Eighth step: Email or Fax this signed form to the Operations Department

It is critical that you submit your Bank Update request at least 2 to 3 working days before you make a withdrawal so that we can update your bank information before processing the withdrawal request.

Maintenance of the Account

To keep the COL Margin Account active, a minimum sustaining net equity balance in an amount to be determined by COL is needed to be maintained. If the COL Margin Account does not maintain a minimum maintaining balance following an end-of-day procedure, the account will be subject to the same restrictions as those set out in paragraph 7.5 hereof.