How Much Money Do I Need To Invest To Get A Green Card?”

In the United States, there are a number of methods to become (Green Card holder) or a legal permanent resident of the United States. With a Green Card, you’ll be able to live permanently and work permanently in America. It is important to know how to can obtain a green card before considerations. Following are the only legal ways to obtain an American green card or permanent residency.

By the way of marriage

A close relative who really is a Citizen of the united states or an American green card holder must sponsor a foreign national in order to obtain a green card in this manner. When it comes to immigration, marrying is a frequently used method. However, the wedding must be real and not just for immigration grounds.

Family-based immigration visas come in two types:

#Close Family- close familial tie with an American citizen, such as a partner, children, or parent, is required for these visas. Assessment is completed quickly, generally within a year.

#Preferences of the family- Those visas are reserved for certain, somewhat distant, familial connections with a citizen of the United States, as well as certain, defined relationships with legal permanent residents of America.

 By the way of study

A student visa is needed if you want to pursue any bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in the United States. This will enable students to Optional Practical Education, one-year post-graduate employment visa. After a year, have your employer file for an H1B work permit on your behalf. Once you’ve done that, you may apply for permanent residency at the Department of United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. This is a lengthy and twisting route full of pain, but for many candidates, especially those with talents but little income to spend and no relatives in the United States, it may even be their only choice.

By the way of investments

Presently, the EB-5 is an Employment-Based 5 straight investor program that allows investors to receive green cards or permanent residency by spending as little as half a million USD in their company and creating 10 new employment. This is a transitory opportunity that will probably return by the end of this year, with the necessary sum expected to increase to 900thousand USD, as it was previously.

So, in a major setback for Indians seeking to come to the United States, the US authorities have increased the cost for the EB-5, or US investment visa. Starting from April 1, Indian nationals will be required to pay an additional USD 50,000 when transferring funds to an account held in the United States in order to meet the requirements for a permanent resident status visa in the United States. For qualified expenditures in the US, EB-5 that is Employment-Based 5 was developed in 1990 and offers people the chance to become permanent legal citizens or ‘green card’ owners. To be qualified for this program, investors must spend at least USD 900,000 and generate 10 American employments.