How to Check Property Ownership Online in Delhi

It is required to do a proper property title check in India. This is necessary to do this in order to ensure that the property being acquired has proof of ownership and is independent of any type of charges. Given the significant cost of purchasing a home, It is advised that property purchasers should hire a knowledgeable counsel or a specialist to conduct a property background investigation.

The procedure of document examination and property ownership verification is discussed in this article. To prevent any legal possession difficulties, It is always advised that the buyer consults with an advocate or an expert to verify the documents and obtain a property records assessment. Since every state possesses a distinct website for all the property records of the state, you’ll need to access the site of the particular state’s land records to find out who owns the property you’re interested in researching. To verify land ownership using online portals in India, go to the internet domain of the district in which the site is situated. Every Indian state has its own specialized website where purchasers may quickly view property-related information for properties in that province. The procedure for determining who owns the property is likewise quite simple.

What does a title search entail?

Before purchasing, purchasing, renting, or subletting a land, a title investigation involves a detailed investigation of the ownership of the land and an examination of all asset paperwork. It is a procedure in which one takes appropriate and required measures, such as doing a check at the office of the registrar and browsing through various Statutory provisions.

To begin, go to the internet portal for a land registry in the region where the property is located. Following that, you must fill in some essential data such as region, talukas, village, and so on. Then input one of the choices from the Khasra number, the land number, or the information of the khata owner to look out if the land is listed with the given information or not. Whereas if land data are recorded, the identity of the landowner and other pertinent data will be presented on the computer depending on your supplied details.

Go to the official website of Delhi’s Online Registration Data Services for further details.

  1. To begin, go to Delhi’s statutory land information portal (
  2. Choose the name of the district you want to learn more about from the drop-down menu and choose View Details.
  3. Fill in the information such as the name of the district under which the property falls, the subdivision, the name of the village, and the Khata Type information as well.
  4. It is possible to locate the document. By Names, By Khata number, and also by the khasra number.
  5. Then, to get land data and records, and then just click on the View land Details and you will be shown all the details of the owner of the property for which you are searching.