How To Check SBI Cheque Book Status Online?

SBI is offering a new feature to customers that are checking checkbook status online. You might know that now you do not have to visit the branch of your bank to apply for a checkbook. Because the bank is providing online and net banking options to request a checkbook. But now people can conveniently check the status of their checkbook with this new feature.

It is tough for everyone to visit the branch as they have many other works to do. But these are not provided on top of every information, so to check the status of the checkbook online, you need to begin with a process. That process will lead you to the online status of your checkbook. Below mentioned is the process you have to complete to track the status.

Why Should You Check Cheque Book Status?

When you apply for a checkbook online or offline, you do not get instant approval. As you have to wait for some time until the bank approves and dispatches your checkbook. However, now people can use the online status of their cheques and see if the request is still pending or they have approved their request.

Once you have checked the status, you can expect to get your checkbook in a few days. However, when you have applied for the checkbook, then you should check the status after 2 to 3 days as it takes time.

How One Can Check The Status Of a New Cheque Book Online?

In the above paragraphs, you are provided with the information about requesting a checkbook, and it’s checking its online status. We have seen that how it works and why one should check the online status of the checkbook. Here is the procedure by which you can check the status online, so without wasting any more time, let’s sees the steps first.

  1. Login in your SBI internet banking account
  2. As you are logged in, then you have to find the request and inquiries tab and click on it. Then open cheque book request.
  3. The next slide will offer you more information, and then you have to open the history tab. Then, add your account number to it and press submit.
  4. After this people can see all the details related to the checkbook. Those details contain the date on which your checkbook is issued and no cheques. If these details are visible there, then it is assumed that the bank has accepted your application.

Final Words

One can easily check the online status of their checkbook and see when they can get it. Before this feature, you have to expect a date but now you can see the actual track of your checkbook. You should keep in touch with your mailing address as the checkbook is provided on that. It will be delivered in 7 working days once it is confirmed.