How to Close HDFC Credit Card Permanently online?

A credit card is a card used to borrow money from a bank or other issuer, and that money can be paid later within a certain period. If you don’t repay it, then the money will be debit from your account. The credit card has a limit set by the bank itself according to your income or credit score. Many of the time, credit cardholders realize that maintaining a credit card is not easy. Also, some people don’t even use credit cards as they prefer to use a debit card.

At that time, they realize closing the credit card and don’t want to use it anymore. HDFC has an appropriate procedure for closing a credit card. After the customer raises a request for canceling a credit card, it takes up to 7-10 days working days to terminate the card. If you have an HDFC credit card that is of no use and you want to close it, then you can use the following steps:

Deactivate your credit card online

Step 1- Visit the HDFC official website. Login to your HDFC internet banking account.

Step 2- Click on the credit card tab on the left side of the screen and click on the credit card hot listing option. Here you will see a list of credit cards registered under net banking.

Step 3- Now, here, select your credit card number to hotlist.

Step 4- Here, give a reason why you want to close your credit card.

But to deactivate your credit card, you should remember some important points that are mentioned below:

Points to remember before deactivating your credit card

Due payment

While you will close your credit card, you should make sure that all the EMIs on the credit card should be paid. If you initiate closing your credit card without paying dues, the bank will call you or email you to notify you to clear all the dues.

Recovery of reward points

Before getting your credit card deactivated, you should check if there are unredeemed reward points, then you can use it to get discounts on products or any other services.

Don’t use a credit card just before closing

If you have used your credit card just before closing it, then the bank will not process your request forward. If you have fresh dues on your credit card, you need to pay them first, then only your credit card closing request will be processed forward.

Latest statement check

The customer should always check their last credit card statement to ensure that you haven’t done any fraudulent transactions. After the closing of the credit card is done, you can cut your card diagonally to destroy it.

The Outcome

If one is not using a credit card, they can easily apply to close it online in few minutes, which will be closed permanently within 7-10 working days. And also, there are points mentioned above that one should remember while closing a credit card that will make it easy for them to close it.