How to Close or Cancel Citibank Credit Card?

A credit card is a thin rectangular-shaped card that is used to borrow money. There is a limit on the credit card set by the bank for a user seeing the customer’s credit score and based on monthly income. For this borrow, some interest is also applied by the bank. And one has to pay this payment in a given time; if one cannot repay, that will be debt from a person’s account. Also, the credit card can be used to make a payment or for online transactions.

But sometimes person realizes that the credit card he has is of no use or overspending than they can afford can let them in a dilemma, and that will be difficult for them to repay the amount. So at that time, they realize and decide to close the credit card and finds it difficult. But closing a credit card is not a tough task; you can do it by just sitting at home.

Citibank credit cardholders can also close their credit card if they want. If you are one of them, then you can have a look at the given steps:

Procedure to close or cancel Citibank credit card

There are two ways to cancel or close Citibank Credit Card:

Calling Citibank’s helpline

If the credit card holder wants to cancel his credit card, he can call the bank’s helpline that is 24-hour available and close their card. These are the credit card helplines: 1860 210 2484 (for Indian callers) and 9122 4955 2484 (for outside Indiancallers). Remember that this helpline is not toll-free.

Sending written request

If a person wants to close his credit card, they can also send a written request to Citibank. There are some points to remember while writing a request; these are: it must include card holder’s name, person’s contact, type of credit card they have, including credit card number. You need not mention any sensitive details such as CVV, card PIN, and expiry date of a credit card. The written request is to be sent to this address through ordinary post or registered post.

You should clear all the pending dues before applying for the cancellation of a credit card, such as due on the card, any pending loan, pending EMI, balance transfer, or any other chargers. If you have any dues, then clear them before you apply for the cancellation of a credit card; otherwise, the request will be canceled.

If you have any unredeemed points, then they should be redeemed within 45 days of card cancellation. You can use points for gift vouchers or discounts.

You should keep in mind that after you have applied for the cancellation of your credit card, the dues cannot be transferred to another credit card.

The Final Verdict

From the above points, you can easily close your Citibank Credit Card. But remember the points mentioned above before applying for the deactivation of a credit card. That will make it easy for you to close it.