How to Close or Cancel RBL Credit Card?

A credit card is a thin rectangular piece of plastic or metal issued by a bank or any financial institution. A credit card is used for transactions and to borrow funds with which you can fulfill all your emergency needs for funds, and some amount of interest is applied on that borrowed amount, and you can pay the bank later within a given period. If you don’t repay in that period, then a penalty is applied to that amount.

There is a time when you realize that you don’t use your credit card or find it difficult to manage and want to close it. But you think that it’s a tough task to close a credit card, but you are wrong; closing a credit card is not a tough task it is very easy to close a credit card by just sitting at your home.

RBL bank provides you with certain ways to close your credit card easily. If you own an RBL credit card and want to close it, you can go through the following steps; you also need to remember some points before applying for the closure of a credit card.

The process to Close RBL credit cards online and offline

There are three ways to close your credit card either you can close it online or offline. If you wish to close your RBL credit card, then you can follow these steps:

By sending E-mail

The cardholders of RBL bank can cancel their credit card online by sending an e-mail to this address: for super cards or for other cards. Also, mention necessary details such as name, date of birth, card number, and expiry date. You need not give your confidential information such as CVV number or PIN.

By calling customer care

One can also apply for closure of a card by calling customer care. The customer care number is 022-71190900. You need to just dial the number and press the numbers needed for the voice response. You need to share your details to complete the process.

By visiting the branch

You can also close your card by visiting the nearby branch, and there you have to write a letter requesting to close your credit card. Also, mention your details that are needed and also identity proof. You also have to submit your credit card and cut it diagonally to deactivate it permanently.

Points to remember while closing RBL credit card

  • The cardholder needs to pay all the dues on the credit card that are pending. He must pay all the amounts, such as pending EMIs or any borrowed amount that is not paid yet.
  • One can check the reward points pending on their card and redeem them before applying for the card closure process. One can use these points to get discounts, gift cards, etc.
  • Don’t borrow any amount before the closing of your credit card. You need to pay all the amounts while closing a credit card. You cannot transfer dues to another credit card; remember that.
  • You should cancel any automated payment on your credit card. This will not process the closure of the credit card.