How to Remove Window Glass Safely and Conveniently

Several reasons could be associated with removing glass from the windows. In a majority of cases, the glass could be broken, cracked, or an improperly sealed insulated pane. You might also consider upgrading your windows with smart or tinted glass.

The professional glass stores could assist you in choosing the right size and glass for the replacement job. Foremost, you would need to remove the window glass to bring in the sash. You might require to seek the assistance of a professional window glass installation service if the broken glass is not protruding out.

Consider getting the glass out before visiting the nearest glass installation store. It would help save time and money. Moreover, it is not a complicated job. A challenging aspect would be to avoid being injured by broken glass.

Importance of taking safety precautions

The rule of thumb when working around glass would be to wear protective gear. In the event, you accidentally break the glass or you were working near the broken glass, rest assured that smaller shards could cut deep and cause severe injuries. Consider wearing safety glasses, thick shoes, and heavy gloves with leather palms when you work around the glass. It would also be recommended to wear long pants and long sleeves.

How to remove the broken glass safely

It would be in your best interest to minimize the spread of glass pieces when removing broken glass from the window frame. The chances of you getting small pieces to cut yourself would be higher, especially the ones that do not come out easily.

Follow the following steps.

Step #1 – use a masking tape

Consider applying masking tape over the windowpane covering the broken area properly. Do not press the tape hard against the glass. It would be important to cover the broken area completely using strips of tape on one side of the broken glass. It would help keep the pieces of the glass from scattering away while you work on it. Do not use highly adhesive tape, as you would be required to remove the broken pieces of the glass from the tape.

Step #2 – protecting the area

In case, the glass breaks down, consider using a drop cloth or a tarp over it, especially the one that could be disposed of later. It would be in your best interest to use the disposable cloth on both the areas around the window – interior and exterior.

Step #3 – Using a hand tool to loosen the glass

Try using a heavy hand tool or a pry bar to loosen the glass rather than using a hammer butt. Use gentle taps to loosen both smaller and larger glass pieces for proper disposal.

Step #4 – removing old glazing

Remove the smaller pieces of glass stuck in the window frame with the help of a chisel to remove the glazing of the window frame. You could also use a putty knife to remove the small shards of glass stuck in the window frame.

Be cautious while putting the glass pieces out of the frame and disposing of them away.