Unregulated Crypto Markets Are Dangerous For Regular Folks

While it is true that many individual traders made fortunes on the spot Bitcoin market, contemporary investment strategies are a different story with lots of trading happening on partially self-regulated (if at all) exchanges that do not offer any sense of security to their clients. The Forex market had many similar qualities before many national … Read more

Investors of Gasoline Car Companies Get Ready, Europe wants Gasoline Cars Gone by 2035

The lawmakers from Europe have recently cast a vote, which is alarming news for the investors investing money into gasoline car manufacturing companies. European Lawmakers Call a Vote  The voting was cast among the lawmakers of Europe surrounding the future of gasoline and diesel cars. The voting was in favor of completely banning the production … Read more

Silver and Gold Outshine Bonds and Stocks Amid Stagflation

With the turmoil within the financial markets frightening market players, a massive economic crisis might be impending. The initial steps by Fed Reserve toward stiffening fiscal policy expose susceptibility within a high leverage economy. The Federal Reserve spent years deploying artificial stimulation to the economy. Meanwhile, it attempts to remove the stimulus without crashing the … Read more

Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Effects on Cryptos, Bonds, and Gold

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine unveils ripple impacts on the global economy. The NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) introduces some limitations on cash transactions, considering martial law declaration. Russia sees similar developments as Ruble declined by 30%. That comes as the nation hiked interest rates to 20% from 9.5%. Russia raised to counter … Read more

Nokia Introduces Share BuyBack Program: Should You Buy Nokia Shares?

Nokia revealed massive Q4 outcomes this month. Directors proposed dividend authorizations. Nokia introduced shares buyback program. Nokia shares registered weak performance, losing 10% since 2022 started. Nevertheless, the firm reported massive Q4 returns this month. Nokia Launched BuyBack Program’s First Phase Nokia is multinational telecommunications and information Technology Company that runs in more than 100 … Read more

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Lose Billions amid Crypto Crash

The crashing crypto market has tech giants Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk losing billions of money. The last few months had the cryptocurrency market value losing over $1 trillion. That came amid fears of heavy regulations and crypto bans in some countries. Tech stocks also recorded poor performance as the stock market saw the worst … Read more

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Provides a Buy Opportunity before Surging 30%

SHIB price hovers at a possible reversal level, hinting at a 30% surge. However, the meme coin can present an accumulation opportunity within the demand zone at $0.0000269 – $0.0000293. Breaching the support floor at $0.0000269 will annul SHIB’s bullish thesis. Shiba Inu’s (SHIB) price has maintained sideways after its latest upward move. Furthermore, the … Read more

Mexican Tycoon Advising Followers to Make BTC Investments


Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a Mexican tycoon, sent an unexpected new year special statement to his 959,000 Twitter supporters. He’s the owner and head of Grupo Salinas, a Mexican corporation and presently Mexico’s 3rd wealthiest man. The Tycoon’s Initial BTC Encounter  On 17th November last year, Salinas tweeted to his fans that Saifedean Ammous’ publication, “The … Read more

Where to Invest? Property or Shares?


When we talk about investment, most of the investors get confused about investing in property and investing in shares. Both investment plans have their perks, property funding has been a stable performer so does the share funding. So the place to take a position – property or shares? Maybe the best along with investing in … Read more