INX Is Willing To Purchase Voyager Assets For An Undisclosed Sum

Broker and finance managing company, INX has made a certain offer, showing its firm desire to take part in the Voyager bankruptcy process and wishing to acquire its full amount of possessions. The sum of the deal remains secret from the open public. 

The basis for INX’s choice

One of the businesses that suffered from FTX’s collapse on November 11th was Voyager Digital.

Feet had previously consented to buy Voyager Digital. Because of the recent news about FTX’s bankruptcy, the legal proceeding court has avoided taking a look into the possible ways to resolve the situation, taking the purchase agreement with INX into consideration. 

Leading US broker-dealer INX will purchase Voyager Digital using its status as an ATS and crypto-related finance trade and exchange service that is both FINRA and SEC-regulated.

The members of the higher management of INX and the previously named vice-chairman and the vice-president of Nasdaq, David Weild, stated in a recent report to the media that, according to Shy Datika, the Chief executive officer of INX, the bidding process started by the company was made with a long-term development strategy in mind.

The next planned move was to further promote user security and control over their assets, as well as make financial management clearer and easier for all clients.

The whole company firmly states their beliefs about the need for improved credibleness, engineering structure, and unequaled regulative placing in the financial sector in general and in Voyager in particular.

They put their customers first, as always. At the same time, they look for stability in the market and improved trust.

The future methods for crypto regulation

He continued, that the brand-new computerized methods might lay the groundwork for a modification in advanced safety methods as the market structure continues to evolve on automated blockchain technology within the regulated environment.

Regarding INX, it is one of the companies with the highest control levels among other trade services for electronic certificates, with a long history.

The INX company firmly considers its approach and willingness to work in a regulated environment under the supervision of governors like the Securities and Exchange Commission as an influencing method for the future of the blockchain asset industry.

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