Krasa Centrade Business Park

Business is an important part of any country’s development. If it is not performed well, the economy faces huge setbacks. There are a number of reasons that affect business activity and quality infrastructure is amongst them. When companies get effective infrastructural support, they perform well and excel in their own field of work.

Krasa International, a known real estate organization, has perceived this notion smartly and thereafter launched an exclusive commercial project in the fast-growing real estate hub of India – NCR. The project is named Centrade Business Park and is to be developed on a luxuriant piece of land amidst the exotic surroundings of Sector 140 Greater Noida. This latest venture of the company boasts of everything that a modern age business organization needs to perform their work swiftly and efficiently. The entire building of Krasa Centrade Business Park is equipped with hi-tech communication resources that include Wi-Fi Internet Service, Audio-Visual Aid, and Video Conferencing.

There is no other commercial place in the entire Delhi-NCR region that offers amenities and features equal to this new-age business center. Being located at Sector 140 Greater Noida, Krasa Centra de Business Park enjoys a great neighborhood of world-known MNCs and India’s finest private sector companies.

Moreover, excellent connectivity to all major destinations of Delhi-NCR makes it easy for people to reach here in a short period of time. Commercial spaces in the form of lockable & fully furnished office cabins, retail shops, cabins, and studios are available at this new-age business center. In addition, these office spaces are available here in both the Air Conditioned and Non-Air Conditioned options.

Built-up for the commercial spaces range between 200 sq ft and 750 sq ft. Furthermore, Centra de Business Park Noida is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities that include high-speed elevator service, constant supply of water & electricity, recreational center, etc.