Alabama University Registers Six Crypto Trademarks

The Alabama University, one of the 1st scholarly establishments to show curiosity about the Web-3 tech, submitted 6 brand name requests with the US in the light of the cryptocurrency boom. The Patent and Trademark Office will offer NFT-related services. The new crypto-related trademarks M. Kondoudis, a known brand attorney, stated that NFT-focused brand names … Read more

Luxury Watches Makers Enable Crypto Payments

It appears that the fashion industry has finally gotten on board with the growing hybridization of the reality and computer universes with the help of using non-fungible tokens. Rolex adopts the so-called “Metaverse” and seeks trademark registration, making it the newest name in fashion.  Money exchange using cryptocurrencies Reports state that the company also intends … Read more

The Debate Around Decentraland Is Still Ongoing

DappRadar recently has thrown some accusations at Decentraland, one of the most promising Metaverse projects in the crypto industry. The data-gathering service that tracks numbers of interactions with smart contracts on different networks claimed that Decentraland has been seeing less than 30 daily active users who interacted with smart contracts. With its market cap close … Read more

Metaverse Tokens Gain as Meta’s Share Price Plummets

Decentralized Metaverse coins recorded steady upsurges this week. That is regardless of the slump in the Meta platform’s stock price. Facebook’s parent company Meta Platforms witnessed the highest one-day plunge in market value for a United States firm ever. That comes after Thursday’s 26% decline in share prices after the tech company reported disappointing earnings … Read more