Microsoft Net Worth

Microsoft is synonymous with the internet itself. In other words, the existence of the internet is only possible due to this multi-national corporation Microsoft. The net worth of Microsoft is $ 2 trillion. Investors favor these companies like Microsoft as they can steadily sell and never fluctuate too much like other companies. In this post, the readers will know more about the internet wonder Microsoft.

Down the memory lane:

Bill Gates and Paul Allen the two childhood friends wanted to go into business together. As both of their interest as well passion was the computer. In 1972, as a symbol of their strong bond, they found together with their first company. This company generally sold basic computers that tracked data. After three years in 1975, they made a deal with MIT. The deal said that they would help distribute the interpreter for the computer they developed at the time. In the same year, they both came up with the idea of Microsoft. The name was suggested by Allen, however, Gates became the CEO.

However, in 2000, Steve Ballmer replaced Bill Gates. Steve became the new CEO. He took the responsibility of coming up with tablet computers. He developed Microsoft Mobile. Eventually, after 14 years, Satya Nadella replaced Steve Ballmer in 2014. Now Satya became the current CEO of Microsoft.

 Microsoft Now:

This Internet star is also had a troubled past. Earlier it was indeed a huge company. However, since the dawn of the computer, several other companies also did well. There was indeed a huge competition. Apple-like multinational computer-based companies really gave a tough fight with Microsoft. As a result, Microsoft lost a bit of its spark.

The effect was also on their stock price. Their stock price showed fluctuation over the years. However, as soon as Satya Nadella took over the position of CEO in 2014, the condition is improving. Since his CEO ship started Microsoft is doing really good. They planned rationally and try to understand what would work for them and whatnot. They decided to turn away from smartphones. Instead, they tried to focus on supplying technology to business customers. This was what they earlier used to do.

Moreover, now they completely embraced the idea of cloud computing. In addition, the company has had a big shift culturally. Therefore, this idea again made them a great place to work in. Eventually, Apple and Microsoft were in direct competition for a couple of decades now. Hence when Microsoft was facing a low tide, Apple thought that it would go on for a longer period. However, Microsoft again surpassed Apple. Eventually, once again it became the most valuable publicly traded company in the world.

Net Worth of Microsoft:

Since Satya Nadella took the CEO position, he reshaped Microsoft. Even the stock price of Microsoft also increased by approximately 600%. Even it is doing so well under the CEO ship of Satya Nadella that cares 2021 alone, Microsoft stock price has gained a respectable 19% so far. This performance even helped them to surpass both Apple and Amazon-like giant companies. As a result, it has a net worth of $ 2 trillion as per the 2021 report. Moreover, it is on the way to touch the $ 3 trillion milestones.