Mysterious Facts behind the Sealed Doors of Taj Mahal

Being one among the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal is immensely popular with all people of the world. The people remember the Taj as an epitome of undying love. The beauty of the Taj has been worth appreciating for its captivating history and beautiful architecture. The Taj has been a source of inspiration for several ages. Tourists flock to the Taj to view the magnificent marvel.

However, along with the magnificent marvel holding its name to the beauty it offers, the Taj has several secrets associated with it as well. Let us delve into a few mysterious facts behind the sealed doors of the Taj Mahal.

The Taj creates an optical illusion

When you enter the gates of the Taj Mahal, you could see the gigantic structure. It appears that the Taj is near, rather very near. However, when you start to walk towards the Taj, the optical illusion is at its best. The Taj starts to appear small and far away. Moreover, the minarets surrounding the tomb appear to be straight, but they are slightly tilted outward to support the aesthetic balance of the tomb.

The hands of craftsmen and artisans severed by Shah Jahan

It is a myth and several historians are gathering data to prove this myth a reality. However, until date, not much has been revealed about the myth being true. Moreover, the foundation of Red Fort was laid after the Taj. If historians find claims to support the claim that Ustad Ahmed Lahauri, who laid the foundation of Red Fort was leading the architect team that built the Taj, the myth that the hands and eyes of artisans, who constructed the Taj, were severed and gouged by Shah Jahan, would be proved a lie.

The Qutub Minar is smaller than the Taj

The fact is that the Taj is approximately 5 ft. taller than the Taj. However, the construction and the architecture of the Taj do not make it appear bigger than the tallest minaret. Such is the beauty and mystery of its architecture.

The color-changing feature of the Taj

The Taj, as beautiful as it is, the monument has several mysterious features. It tends to change color throughout the day. You could witness the spellbound moments right from the beginning of the day when the sun rises to the end of the day when the moon shines on it. The Taj appears grey or pale pink when the sun rises, looks glittering white during noon, appears orange bronze during the sunset, and gives a bluish tinge during the full moon.

The empty cenotaphs

The cenotaphs in the Taj are mere showpieces for the world to see. However, the real graves of the two lovers rest under the cenotaphs in a quiet and secret room at the ground level.

Several mysteries of the Taj have been shared on the internet, but most of them are yet to prove their claims. These aforementioned mysteries would surely prompt you to visit the Taj Mahal again.