Net Worth of Google

Google is a multinational technology company. In fact, Google LLC is the name of Google. Goole has a net worth of $ 420 Billion as per the 2021 report. In this post, the readers will know more about Google.

Google specializes in Internet-related services. Moreover, its specialization is in online advertising technologies, computer hardware, and cloud computing. In addition, it includes a search engine and artificial intelligence computer software too.

Net Worth of Google
Net Worth of Google

Beginning of the Foundation Google:

In 1996 Larry Page and Sergey Brin started a research project. Both of them were Ph.D. students from Stanford University. Though after a long period they decided on the name Google for their search engine. However, it was misspelled as googol at first. On 15th September 1997the domain was registered as Followed by this, on 4th September 1998 the Google company was established finally. Though it was located in the garage of their friend Susan Wojcicki. The first hired employee was Craig Silverstein. He was a fellow Ph.D. student at Stanford.

Google founded:

Andy Bechtolsheim was the initial fund provider to Google. In addition, the other three investors were Jeff Bezos, David Sheraton, and Ram Shriram. Among them, Andy was co-founder of Sun Microsystem and Jeff was the founder of Amazon. Whereas, David was a professor at the Stanford computer science department and Ram Sriram was an entrepreneur. All of their investments reached up to $ 1 million. Eventually, they were able to open their original shop at Menlo Park, California.

After the foundation of the company others, other investors also joined them. The Venture Capital firm is one of them. With time google grows rapidly. In October 2006 they announced to acquire YouTube a video sharing site for instance. Eventually, Google made its ever largest acquisition on 15th August 2011. It happened with the acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $ 12.5 million. This attempt was to protect Google from patent disputes with other companies like Apple or Microsoft. Since then they started to grow profusely. Gradually Google agreed to recognize its interest in a conglomerate. This is popular as Alphabet and Google became its leading subsidiaries. Page stepped down from Google’s CEO position after the restructure. While Sundar Pichai took the CEO position of Google. In another hand, Page took the position of CEO of Alphabet.

Achievements of Google:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. Also, they are among the list of 20 richest people in the world. Larry has a net worth of $55 billion whereas Sergey has a net worth of $ 53 billion. As a result, Google is among the five technology companies in the US. It is on the same level as Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Among the 5 Google takes the second position. It has a brand value of $ 140 billion. It is $ 60 billion behind the first rank holder Apple.

In Conclusion:

Advertising and offering internet products and services are the two main sources of revenue for Google. Google makes an estimation of $ 50 million daily. As a result, the net worth of Google is $ 420 billion as of the 2021 report. Moreover, its parent company Alphabet has a net worth of $ 900 billion. Therefore, altogether Google is one of the most valuable companies in the world. Moreover,  considering its past and present performance, we can predict flourished future for Google. Its net worth will definitely be on the higher side in near future.