In a bid to tighten governmental laws around the cryptocurrency industry, many governments have issued laws to prevent cryptos from spreading widely and chaotically. Several countries have increased and tightened tax policies, others have completely banned crypto.  The USA is not an exception.

The Democrats paper

The Democrats have  called on the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to increase oversight of electronic assets. The goal of the  issue to the authorities was to ask them for new securities rules for crypto-assets through a crystal clear regulatory process with warnings and comments.  Lots of senators agreed on the topic.  

The main points of discussion

Several main issues that have to be resolved are the need to clarify the kinds of electronic possessions that are considered safeties, to discuss how to publish and list digital titles, to identify the information necessary to provide relevant information to investors. In addition to that, a new set of subscriptions has to be created for electronic accounts and the lender’s trading plan.

They also believe that it is crucial to establish rules governing the buying and selling of digital assets.

Regardless of the hazards and goods of these new crypto money and cryptocurrency operating financial systems, existing laws and governmental regulations are not properly created and refined enough to properly regulate the issue and operation of digital assets the way they can be used in the marketplace.

Presently, there is no harmonized regulatory framework for digital asset markets. And that is the main concern for the politicians. The problem is that the free widespread use of cryptos can endanger governmental monetary stability and the country’s financial independence. 

Financial stability

Also they are not completely sure on the way the taxes have to be paid off and how to regulate the exchanges at sight of full, complete anonymously traded assets. The latest development marks another step for U.S. lawmakers to regulate cryptocurrencies more tightly.

Recently, the republicans also participated in the discussion  and also added that they wish to participate in the development of the new set of regulatory rules of cryptocurrency and their trading system.

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