Everything You Need To Know About Block Trading

Introduction If you buy a lot of stocks, equities, securities, or other financial products you might see some big price changes in the public market. In order to keep your portfolio stable, you might want to place trades over the counter (OTC) instead of traditional market trades or letting market fluctuations control your investment. In … Read more

Peloton Posts Slump in Sales and Revenue to Witness a 15% Stock Price Drop

On Thursday, Peloton shared its earnings data for the recent quarter of 2022. In the earnings report, Peloton reported that its sales have slumped and they have suffered from extensive losses. Peloton Posts Bad Earnings Data For the fiscal fourth quarter, Peloton has reported that it also reduced its costs and they have also made … Read more

Five US-Listed China-Based Companies To Be Delisted From NYSE

An announcement has been made by five major China state-owned companies. These companies include China Life Insurance and Sinopec, which is an oil giant. The companies have announced that they will delist themselves from the US stock exchange they are currently listed and trading through. Five Chinese Companies to Delist from the NYSE The companies … Read more

Voyager Digital Share Surged 41% Following Approval to Refund $270M

Briefly – Voyager’s debt exceeds $10B from nearly 100K creditors. BlockFi, Three Arrows Capital, Celsius, and others experience similar crises like Voyager. Voyager filed for bankruptcy last month after freezing withdrawals. The Southern District of New York Bankruptcy Court has approved Voyager Digital Holdings to reimburse $270 million to its clients. Voyager is a cryptocurrency … Read more

Voyager Has Plans To Let Users Withdraw Their Funds Coming Thursday

Voyager Digital Holdings has made an announcement in regards to the cash withdrawals through its application. Voyager Announces Possible Withdrawal Resumption Voyager has announced that it is possible that their app users may be able to carry out cash withdrawals. The crypto lender made the announcement one month after the suspension of multiple services. The … Read more

US Stocks Gyrate, While Dollar Gains On Geopolitical And Economic Concerns

Alphaprime Finance

On Tuesday, a choppy trading session saw US stocks mixed, while a risk-off session resulted in a US dollar rally driven by simmering tensions between Beijing and Washington and economic uncertainties. Mixed results The S&P 500 and the Dow indexes were both tradings in the red, but the Nasdaq was able to record gains, as … Read more