Syndicate Bank Home Loan

Syndicate bank is one of the most reputed banks in India. Home loans are among its many services it provides to its customers. It provides the loan for purchase, construct or repair of the property. The loan applicant can be both salaried and self-employed. The loan amount sanctioned by the bank can be maximum upto the 75% of the total value of the property you want to purchase. The maximum age at the maturity of the loan should be 65 years.

The maximum repayment tenure in case the loan is for purchase or construction is 25 years and in case of repair or renovate it is 5 to 7 years. The processing fees charged by the bank for the loan is Rs.700/- per lac or part thereof with a minimum of Rs.1000/- at present. No pre payment charge is levied by the bank on the pre payment of the loan. The rate of interest on the loan is of floating type and is 11% Upto 25 Lacs and 12.50% above 25 lacs of the loan amount.

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