Looming Inequality as UK proposes to Fund Social Care from Higher Council Tax

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Experts reviewing proposals submitted by the Chancellor of Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, downplay funding social care from higher council tax as aggravating inequality. The plans announced by Jeremy Hunt to source social care funds from higher council taxes are poised to undermine the leveling up reforms initiated by the predecessor. Economist Andrew Dilnot considered the budget … Read more

UK Job Market Loses Inflation Heat

UK inflation

The jobless rate climbed for the first time in Britain since late 2020 and there was a cooling in other measures of the hot labor market in the country. This is likely to ease the inflation concerns that the Bank of England (BoE) may have, which is scheduled to raise interest rates in the country … Read more

How to Get Income Tax Refund?

Income tax is a tax imposed by the government on the income generated by a business and individuals within their authority. According to law, taxpayers need to file an income tax year to determine their tax requirements. Income tax is generally a source of income for governments. The government uses these services to fund public … Read more