The Best Ways to Keeping Pigeons Away From My Balcony

Often you may come across the question – how to get rid of pigeons from your home. These birds could become a menace to your balconies, roof, and industrial facilities. It would not be wrong to suggest that pigeons are popular for causing inconvenience and health hazards wherever they dwell. Regardless of the mess they create, pigeon feces have been deemed corrosive. It could cut through concrete and steel.

Let us delve into the best ways to get rid of pigeons using various methods. You could use the solutions mentioned below according to your ease and convenience.

Getting rid of pigeons from your balcony

If you wish to get rid of pigeons from relatively small areas such as your balconies, rest assured it could be easily resolved by using simple solutions.


Consider using a wire coil or wire of stainless steel to deter pigeons dwelling on your rails.


Consider making the most of the netting system. It would help you exclude the birds from your balcony. However, it might be a slightly costlier option to get rid of pigeons. Nonetheless, when installed, the netting would cater to you with 100% effectiveness. You may come across several newer versions of netting that are invisible.

Shock Track System

Most suppliers would look forward to offering a shock track system. The system has been specifically designed to keep the birds away from your balconies. It would be pertinent to mention here that the shock track system would not hurt the birds in any manner. It would be used for scaring them away. It would make the targeted area of the birds unattractive through adequate stimulation usage.

Placing scarecrows or effigies

You could also place effigies or scarecrows. The best available options would be a rubber snake or a plastic owl. However, the method could be less effective, unless there is a provision for the effigies to move around. If not, the pigeons would recognize the scarecrow and not be threatened by it. The effects of such methods could be short-lived.

Reflected light or sound

The easiest method to get rid of pigeons from your balconies would be to make use of reflected light or sound effects. You could make the most of the method using a wind-chime, aluminum foil pans, Mylar balloon, or hanging CDs. The reflected light tends to disorient the pigeons.

Using gel repellants

Consider using gel repellants on the ledges where the pigeons often dwell. The gel would make the surface sticky. It would avoid the birds settling on it. However, dust and debris could settle on the ledges where gel repellants were applied. Therefore, it would often require reapplication. Do not use gel repellants for smaller birds perch. They could be stuck permanently in it leading to their demise.

Anti-perching spikes

Use anti-perching spikes that could be attached to the balconies of rooftops where the pigeons perch. It would be your best bet for limited areas. The aim should be to move the pigeons somewhere else. Anti-perching spikes come in different materials ranging from stainless steel to plastic.