The Debate Around Decentraland Is Still Ongoing

DappRadar recently has thrown some accusations at Decentraland, one of the most promising Metaverse projects in the crypto industry. The data-gathering service that tracks numbers of interactions with smart contracts on different networks claimed that Decentraland has been seeing less than 30 daily active users who interacted with smart contracts.

With its market cap close to $1.3 billion, it is strange that the Metaverse project would see such low user numbers. The company immediately decided to act and defend its position.

Decentraland says over 10 thousand users visit daily

It should be noted that the number of unique daily interactions with smart contracts is not the best metric to use when evaluating a success of a gaming project with huge social medial components. Decentraland is a virtual reality world that focuses on providing entertainment and unique features to its players and content-creators. It is not strictly focused on generating unique interactions with smart contracts.

Developers of the metaverse platform pointed to which shows that the project saw respectable numbers of unique daily visitors which, on several occasions, exceeded 10 thousand. With so many people at least trying the platform regularly or doing just a couple of activities, it is more than possible that the market cap is justified due to the innate P2E nature of the world where you amass resources.

In fact, the focus on creating stuff within the game world and amassing various items and resources can be one of the biggest reasons why not so many daily interactions with smart contracts occur. Many players may spend a lot of time doing various activities to hoard enough resources to make a significant purchase. There are also many social functions that may be more popular among visitors who are just interested in the development of this metaverse.

DappRadar removed its page tracking Decentraland

Interestingly enough, DappRadar removed data on this metaverse project completely. It is a very weird series of events that makes it hard to believe everything DappRadar says. However, we will see how the situation will unravel in the nearest future. So far, Decentraland has been quite vocal about its high number of unique daily visitors.

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