The Increase In Capitalization Was Seen In DeFi Games Industry

The Web-3 game industry has been almost un-affected by the FTX scandal and the cryptocurrency crisis, according to data from DappRadar.

The blockchain gaming sector accounted for 45.171% of all blockchain activity in October, with an equal level of day-to-day used accounts as in September.

The researchers found that Splinterlands and Alien Worlds received over 225,000 and 151,000 daily UAW registrations, respectively, in September, making them the two most popular Web3 games at the moment.

In October, activity on Trickshot Blitz, a different gaming platform, increased by seventy percent. 

Blockchain-based games are still growing in popularity, but the Solana blockchain project is not doing as well. Due to his connections to the insolvent ft., the Solana blockchain project has had the biggest influence on its operations.

Solana only oversees 2,326 of its daily used wallet number, a lessening in twofold by the end of the Fall, according to reports. Similarly, the decline of FTX had an impact on a number of games and NFT projects. 

A potential Web 3 game project

Alien Worlds is one of his best exciting Web-3 game undertakings of this year, according to the DappRadar Blockchain-based gaming analysis.

With a normal day-to-day trading level of about two hundred thousand tokens, Alien Worlds was the most popular blockchain game in October 2022. Its current success can be attributed in part to Alien World’s inventive and captivating game selection. 

The average daily ADR in Splinterlands was 169,445, up 5% in November, and it was only surpassed by Alien Worlds. It’s important to keep in mind that the project announced the release of several digital maps in October.

The Chaos Legion series packs for Splinterlands have traded more than ten million copies in recent months. One of his intriguing Web3 games to watch is the fantasy title Chaos Legion. 15 million packs have been made so far in the card pack series. 

The future of web-3 gaming

Blockchain technology is being incorporated into advanced Web-2 gaming undertakings as Web-3 games continue to gain popularity.

Leading video game trader GameStop unveiled a brand-new NFT exchange in November that focuses on in-game trading, digital collections, and convenient Web3 access.

Popular video games like Illuvium, Guild of Guardians, and Gods Unchained are available on the platform.

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