The New NFT Makes It Possible To Look What The Sea Hides

To promote the new line of “deep-sea” watches, F. Dubarry cooperated with a renowned illustrator to create a unique 5,000 NFT “Hipporium” NFT collection.

Hipporium stands out from countless similar NFTs and offers brand-new technologies of NFT creation that will amaze you. The Hipporium team is made up of dedicated professionals who make new electronic houses that exceed your expectations. 

As for Debarry, the NFTs will be released as an Ethereum NFT on on November 2022 25 and will be available on most famous NFT platforms.

A unique diver’s view

Deep-Ocean is a modern eco-friendly self-winding diver’s watch exclusively for Hipporium NFT owners. Created in Switzerland in collaboration with freelance star Carrera. Owning a Hipporium NFT allows more people to buy it, thus allowing the watch to take its rightful place in the market.

The 42 millimeter unstained metal case underlines a very distinctive blueprint, trying out different coatings. A specific fast-launch hanger scheme with richly refined buttons and a wheel for internal direction adjustment utilized to quantify diving period adorns, in this case to three hundred meters.

The deep sea has many colors and rarities per reference. The exposed dial reveals the self-winding movement through a colored mineral crystal hidden behind a three-layer jewel stone secured by multiple coats.

The bracelet can be changed quickly and easily thanks to a unique mechanism secured by fast pushers at positions 6 and 12 on the case. The back of the watch is engraved with the character of Hippolyme, mildly reminding the wearer of special perks that can be enjoyed in both meta and real life, such as invitations to live events and discounts on watch sets.

Experience the overthrow of property

Created by Frank Dubarry, founder of Technomarine and Frank Dubarry Watches, and his team of renowned graphic designers, Hipporium NFTs are five thousand electronic watches whose legitimacy and possession are guaranteed by blockchain. A collection of works, developed by testing the code of the crypto world, is simply aesthetic to the eye as well as profit to the user. 

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