The New Technological Celebration Dedicated To Books And Metaverse

On November 12th, Booky Call will host the world’s largest digital book fair. The digital festival features a series of panel sessions by important writers from around the world. 

Booky Call is a publication search app disguised as a dating platform. In honor of the National Book celebration, the Foundation has made a decision to organize the Booky-Con, the world’s biggest electronic publication celebration. The event will be held on November 12th at Metaworld and will include interviews with the authors, publication discourses, and meetings with readers. 

Enthusiasts can interact with writers, field experts, and regulators of many online-clubs dedicated to publications while managing their profile pictures in the conference’s digital environment. Also, after the event, each can participate in gatherings around the campfire. Other publishers and book readers will likewise participate in the computer reality event. 

Famous writers attending BookyCon

Book-dedicated TikTok makers and Critiques of Publications will also organize book clubs. Each of them is popular on Facebook. The other day, there is a lot of information that many writers will participate in. Among them are New York Times bestselling authors Lexi Blake and Jennifer Armentrout.

Lots of famous writers and book nerds will be present and will have a chance to talk to each other and exchange their opinions. More than three thousand tickets were sold already. Meantime, Bookie-Con enrollment is free of charge – and absolutely any person interested will have a chance to participate in the even using the Metaverse and new technologies. 

Access is available on the official website of the company. Everyone who wishes to take part in the event or even host several meetings or club will be able to do so. But you will have to connect with the main hosts of the event and the company authorities to discuss the details of the organization process and the way everything will be managed.

Everybody can take part and contribute to the whole festival and the increase in the interest in books by the whole public in general. This will promote reading globally and help to make more numbers of younger people take interest in books. 

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