The members of the US Senate have sent a letter to the authorities of the Fidelity corporation so that they might reconsider their evaluation of BTC offers after the recent FTX crisis. 

Questions to the managers 

The renewed questions to the Fidelity managers have been considered recently, after the discussions of the FTX collapse. 

In a letter to the company, A. Johnson wrote that after the crisis in the industry, it is now time to reconsider the way to regulate Bitcoin and savings accounts. They might need to think about the ways to rethink retirement savings. 

The letter also stated the opinion, that the recent crisis showed vividly that the crypto-related assets are not, so secure as they used to be considered, and there are far more dangers than it is seen by crypto-investors.

While composing this letter to the Fidelity CEO, it was also added that a retirement safety instability are yet widely spread throughout the country. The crypto investment company should not expose their clients and their savings to unwanted and unneeded risking situations.

They asked the Fidelity management to consider their clients and investors first in the state of instability and declining crypto rises. 

The new system of saving money

This summer, at the end of it, Fidelity finance company, one of the biggest companies that offers investment services and tools, declared the creation of a new framework that is related to user accounts.

This is crypto-based, that lets people use some parts of their savings and currency to invest in the core 401(k) scheme of BTC investing lineup. The managers of Fidelity company stated that they were aiming to append electronic ways to enhance their 401 investment plans.

The CEO of the company declared that the statistics shows the growing interest in electronic tools for investment. They believe that such methods are better in comparison with other conventional tools. 

The new scheme might help the users to feel safer with their accounts, especially in cases of marketplace volatility. This system is Bitcoin-based, and might help the investors get better and clearer info about the liquidity company. 

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