Users Can Make Their Addresses Readable

Blockchain domains are a way for the company named Unstoppable Domains, a Web-3 business, to introduce web individuals to redistributed finance management tech. Unlike conventional domains, the business provides a digital DNS based on crypto-based application. 

Preliminary data 

The organization was established five years ago. Using blockchain domains, it is intended to link web3 and web2. B. Pesecchi, M. Gould, and B. Kam are the co-founders. Gould, the organization’s Chief executive officer, manages a group of more than 100 employees.

One can link his computer to an unbeatable name, a web address built on the blockchain. It does not utilize the DNS service, unlike conventional websites. The Cryptographic Name Service (CNS), a blockchain-based alternative, is used instead. This enables clients to give their crypto addresses a readable name. 

Users can make memorable website names that are personalized with Unstoppable Domains. A public recipient address is unnecessary when using a domain name.

Unstoppable Domains can be used by website owners to make blockchain-based webpages. The latter might be loaded to the peer-to-peer web domain exchange system known as IPFS. 

Characteristics of the new domain system

Without having to trouble oneself about lengthy and complex personal crypto-addresses, one can send and receive cryptocurrencies. It is important to simply inform the receiver that the use of the cryptocurrency wallet is your domain name.

This domain names may be attached, shifted, and modified through the use of other blockchain platforms. They consist of MyEtherWallet, Coinbase, and OpenSea. 

The new service offers the users complete control and authority over each domain one creates, making it simple for the user to utilize their wallets to use numerous web3 systems and applications.

One-click login using NFT names is supported by some web2 applications, including games, the virtual universe, and electronic commerce sites. Not only that, but the service provides the users with data monetization and security. 

With the help of this safe, one-of-a-kind ID, one can choose what details he wants to share with other applications, adding an additional layer of privacy.

One can connect his Unstoppable domain with other services, in particular, through more than 50 wallets, exchanges, and decentralized applications.

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