On the 17th of November this year, the VeChain foundation tweeted that a new seamless connection between the mainnet and its other services.

The new system has reached its latest phases, enabling the VeChainThor to gain finality. Twitter was buzzing with excitement as users celebrated the company’s realization of their dream. 

The successful vote on VIP-220, also known as “Finality with one Bit” (FOB), has made the company’s most important mainnet complicated system available for utilization after many years of labor. For VeChain, PoA2.0 is transformative.

However, the company’s engineers cautioned users to be alert on launching day, which they anticipated to come on the 17th of November. They commemorated the day with a tweet saying that the new epoch is to start now.

The unreasonable energy wasting is in the past

A significant development for the blockchain was made with the creation of the first finalized block on the VeChain mainnet.

The creators claimed that the company is now going to supply the ideal service for a stable and secure user experience, both in terms of energy intake and actual change, as a result of this ground-breaking upgrade.

VeChain also managed to see a rising need for its services thanks to their scalability. 

Crypto-related platforms work under the restriction that tokens are only available to be appended to the system on a regular basis, regardless of the number of miners on the system, which frequently causes environmental activists to clash with the technology.

On the Ethereum redistributed finance system, approximately once in fifteen seconds, and on the Bitcoin service roughly every 10 minutes.

Mining brings new profits

Additionally, more crypto-making capabilities become part of the system, resulting in accumulated energy usage and harm to the physical world because adding computers to the mining process has no effect on how a blockchain functions.

Despite the fact that lots of crypto-makers are flipping to inexhaustible energy sources, this does not work out the issue because the production of ecologically friendly energy is too low to support the industry, forcing individuals to return to conventional methods.

VeChain’s approach to sustainability offers a solution, so this effect extends beyond the crypto-industry.

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