VeDAO (WEVE) Gains 218% 48Hrs After Launch – Should You Buy the Token?

  • WEVE Coin currently trades at $0.2436.
  • The alternative token has gained 218.54% within the past 24 hours.
  • Here is where you can buy veDAO.

veDAO is a new crypto project making headlines in the Non-Fungible Tokens and the Decentralize finance marketplace. The token joined the financial market one day ago. However, its price has increased by over 200% since the launch.

Are you interested in new tokens in the space? VeDAO (WEVE) can be your favorite asset. Here’s brief info on where you can buy the coin.

About veDAO (WEVE)

veDAO platform uses WEVE as its governance and native token. The network’s whitepaper, veDAO, highlights its goal to attain adequate TVL to join the top 20 project-list on Fantom. That way, it might meet the essential to receiving a ve3 NFTs from Andre Cronje.

Andre Cronje has posted on various tweets and medium posts it plans to distribute ve3 non-fungible tokens to the top 20 projects on Fantom, based on total value locked. The approach will use dashboard rankings on DeFiLlama.

Individuals can far veDAO’s governance token WEVE through the 4-week liquidity mining program. WEVE holders can then govern Cronje ve3 non-fungible tokens. Keep in mind that veDAO will determine NFT farming rewards distribution.

Should You Buy WEVE Today?

veDAO (WEVE) might be a lucrative token buy for individuals looking for assets with massive bullish trends. However, you may need to act with caution when interacting with crypto assets. Moreover, new tokens might display wild volatility. However, analysts believe the alt has what it takes to keep rising.

WEVE Price Forecast

For now, the altcoin expects an upward move towards the $0.28 mark. Meanwhile, analysts trust the token will hit the target if it maintains its bullish outlook. They see the altcoin achieving the projected aim before January end. Meanwhile, it might be challenging to forecast prices by new assets.

For now, WEVE will follow broad market sentiment. Bullishness in the global crypto space will mean highs in the altcoin. It might be fascinating to see veDAO’s performance. Stay tuned for the latest developments in the cryptocurrency world.

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