What Do You Do If Your Money Gets Stuck In A Cash Deposit Machine?

India is a developing economy that is trying to shift to a cashless economy also. Still, certain people don’t know how to operate phones use cash for performing their day-to-day activities. Now almost all people have a debit card with them. With the help of that card, they do not require to go bank to withdraw cash up to a specific limit. Not only withdraw, but you can also deposit your cash at the ATM.

People can use ATMs to withdraw cash. ATM solves many problems of people now people can withdraw their money from anywhere and anytime. All above that, it is a machine that sometimes does not perform correctly. Many times your cash got stuck into the machine. Don’t panic at such malfunctioning of the machine.

Things you can do when your money got stuck

Stay at the ATM for some time

As we all listen every day that people are using different tricks to steal people’s money from ATM., so if your money also got stuck into the machine, stay at the ATM for a while to check whether any person has tricked the machine.

Note all the detail before leaving the ATM

After staying for a while, you did not notice anything fishy, and then you may leave the ATM. Before leaving don’t forget to take all the detail. Details here refer to the time when the transaction is performed, the transaction amount, and the receipt you have received from the machine, and the message that the bank had to send to your registered mobile. Also, at which ATM you were performing your transaction.

Visit your bank branch

After noting down all the details from the machine, directly go to the bank where your account has been opened. After going to the bank, go to the customer support department of the bank. Then tell them what had happened to you. They will either provide you a contact number to contact to solve your issue. The bank will refund the amount to your bank account after proper investigation.

 Keep in mind that the bank will not refund the amount if you are not operating your card. The bank gave clear instructions to everyone that you are not allowed to share your card and pin with any person. If you share it with any person and such a condition arises, the bank will not be responsible.  So you are advised to use the ATM of your bank only.

End words

These are some things that you can do when your money got stuck into the ATM.  Before making any transaction at the ATM, check whether the ATM is equipped with proper cameras and guards. Such malfunctioning of the machine happens due to the error or fraud. If it is an error, then the bank will be responsible for that; otherwise, not.

To ensure that any fraudulent activity does not trap you, ever share your pin with anyone. Always keep in mind that while withdrawing and depositing the cash into the machine, you are the only person standing there except the guard.