What do you do if your money gets stuck in sbi deposit machine?

ATMs are the most convenient way by which people can withdraw their money. They are not required to spend their day standing in the line at the Bank for cash withdrawal. To withdraw the cash from the ATM, you should have a debit card or a credit card.

Sometimes the machine malfunction due to which people face many problems. For example, sometimes, the machine did not accept your withdrawal request. If the machine accepts the request, then the cash might get stuck into the machine. In such a situation, you should keep calm and don’t panic.

There are few things that you can do if cash got stuck in the machine

Visit the bank branch

If such tragedy happens during the bank timing, you should visit the Bank operating that ATM. Tell the manager what had happened with you into the ATM. Share all the detail of the transaction. Detail includes the timing of the transaction, account number, amount of cash to be withdrawn. They will ask you to fill the form. It will take three days for the problem to be solved.

Stay at the ATM

If your money got stuck into the ATM, then stay there for a while. Sometimes it happens that some people who intend to deceive you or steal your money can do such kind of act. So stay at the ATM and check whether you get to know anything related to such fraud. Sometimes it is a fault on the end of the machine. If it is the machine’s fault, then you will get the money into some time.

File a complaint on the official website of the Bank

After doing everything, you still are not getting any positive response. Then you should visit the official website of the Bank. There at the website, you will find the option of raising the ticket. Just raise the ticket and write the problem that you have faces. The chances that the complaint will be solved are more if we make a complaint on the website.

Ask the Bank to check the video.

All the ATMs are having a surveillance camera installed. If the bank manager asks you about the proof that you were operating the account, then you can ask them to check the camera video. The bank manager can ask you this question because you will only get your money refunded when operating your account.

The Bank always asks you not to share your card and other banking details with any other person, either your family or your closest friend. In addition, Bank will not help you if any other person is operating your account.


The above mentioned are few things that you can do if your cash got stuck at the ATM. Always visit an ATM that is having a camera and a guard. So that if anything wrong happens with you, you can quickly get the proof of that thing. Never panic in such a situation; otherwise, you will not think properly about what to do.