What happens if you stay in the US longer than 6 months?

If you wonder what might happen if you overstayed your visa in the US, rest assured it would be a serious offense. Consider your overstay equal to breaking the rules stipulated for immigration. It could often result in a temporary ban or a ban for a lifetime.

When you overstay the stipulated time given by the US authorities, consider this, it would not be overlooked by the authorities. Moreover, you could end up with relatively grave consequences.

What is the usual stay period guaranteed for an individual?

Usually, the US government would authorize an individual to stay in the US-based on the date issued by the officer in the Customs Border Protection. It would be mentioned in the I-94 record while entering the US. The second instance for an individual seeking the stay period would be based on the date of expiry of the status, as determined by the USCIS. They would determine the stay period based on the application for change or extension of status.

What are the problems with overstaying for six months in the US?

When you go back after staying for six months in the US, you would not have anyone to talk to personally, especially the one who would inquire and you talk about the reason for your overstay, and give you the green signal.

Yet another problem would be no passport check at exit points in the US. The airline carriers would provide the data about your flight back and when you cross the border by road.

If the authorities collect your data of overstay, your visa could be automatically revoked. You would receive an intimation about revoking your visa through an email. The authorities would call the USA embassy in your home nation for meeting the visa counselor. It would be your solemn duty to explain the reason to the visa counselor. It would be pertinent to mention here that your current visa would be revoked by the visa counselor without prejudice. The counselor may or may not issue a visa for a relatively shorter duration. You would be required to convince them thoroughly with a valid reason to overstay. However, in a majority of cases, they would cancel the visa for three years.

Do not stay for the entire six months. The visa authorities would be aware of any loophole that people tend to use for entry or exit. Therefore, despite your long-duration stays would be a point of contention and may be stopped at the entry point.

What are the consequences of staying longer than six months in the US?

Some of the consequences of staying longer than six months in the US would be as follows –

  • You could be barred from setting foot on US soil for three years or ten years based on the duration of your overstay.
  • You could be restricted from applying for a change of status or extension of stay.
  • Your visa could be revoked or canceled automatically.
  • It would be difficult to adjust status in the US after staying more than six months.

Individuals overstaying their visa duration could receive a new visa except in their home nation.