What is the Difference between RuPay Card and Visa Card?

RuPay card

RuPay cards were first introduced in 2012 by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). The one who has a RuPay card can use it for ATM withdrawals, online transactions, and card payments. It has a low processing fee and low processing time compared to other cards because it is a local Card and cannot be used globally for transactions. These RuPay cards are available everywhere, from rural to urban areas.

Visa card

A Visa card is also known as a foreign payment card that uses the Visa network, and also it is branded by Visa. The Visa card has a Visa symbol that the Visa Company does not issue. The partnered financial institutions issue it. A Visa card has a 16-digit account number, a microchip, and a magnetic stripe. The Visa card include credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards. The Visa cards can be used for international payments as well as local payments.

Using a debit card, customers can do transactions at POS terminals and withdraw payment from ATMs instead of making efforts to visit the bank to make a transaction. Banks across the country that offer cards such as VISA, Master Card, Maestro, etc. that can be used globally and locally for easy payments.

RuPay vs. Visa Debit Card

Through this, one can easily compare and find a card that is best for themselves. Here are some points to differentiate between Rupay and Visa debit cards:

Development fee

In RuPay debit cards, the transaction process takes place domestically, so the processing fee is cheaper. Since Visa is a foreign card and the processing takes place abroad, it is a little more expensive than the RuPay debit card.

Speedy transaction

Rupay debit card takes place locally, so the transaction will also occur faster than Visa debit card. But the difference is just of few seconds.

Worldwide approval

RuPay debit cards are only accepted locally; this is the main drawback. And due to this drawback carrying out transactions in other country is not possible. But using a Visa card, one can do transactions globally as well as locally.

Secure and safe

RuPay cards as well as Visa cards both give proper security; that is, they are equally good. One can easily do transactions without any cyber threat.

Improvement and existence

Visa is a reputed card already and is valid globally and locally as well. Visa, debit card users have the privilege that they can make transactions and withdrawals anywhere and at any time across the globe. Whereas RuPay card just has its existence domestically and the card is striving to tap the international market, that is why it has less popular compared to Visa. It also lacks contactless transactions, EVM chip cards, etc. So it cannot be used for international payments.

The final outcome

The above article will help you to choose the best card for yourself. Above are the points that differentiate between RuPay and Visa debit cards and which one is best to use.