What is the Indian population in the USA?

Numerous reasons have been associated with the Indian population migrating to the USA. One main reason for this question would be the scope for a significantly higher income, enhanced savings, education, relatively low stress, and happy life. These aspects would make an Indian live a life without any common issues experienced in India. The result has been nearly three million of the American population has been Indian migrants.

Let us delve into the various reasons that lead to The Indian population migrate to the US.

Household income

It would not be wrong to suggest that an average Indian American has a median household income of approximately one hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars per year. After the Indian Americans, the Taiwanese Americans make approximately ninety thousand dollars every year. For the Whites and the other population, the income ranges from sixty thousand dollars to fifty-eight thousand dollars annually. Therefore, when it comes to the monetary aspect, the Indians would prefer migrating to the US to any other country.

Enhanced savings

When it comes to making a decent amount in the US with a significantly lower cost of living, the chances of you saving a significant amount would be relatively higher. It would be in your best interest to look for a few specific states in the USA where you could earn a decent amount without spending much on the cost of living.


About education, rest assured that a massive percentage of Indian immigrates to the US for education. Foremost, the brutal academic system of India makes most students apply for US universities. They prefer immigrating to the US for higher studies with a belief of securing a high-paying job. They would also look forward to seeking a high-pay job in India after completing their education in the US. While a majority of students in the Indian continent would aspire to go to the USA for higher studies or a job, rest assured that only the best would be allowed to avail it.

Relatively low stress

A couple of things in the life of a person would be the root cause of stress. The main would be income and standard of life. When you consider migrating to the US, your stress would take the back seat, as the USA has been deemed the land of opportunities. You would have relatively low stress with the cost of living. Moreover, with more savings, you would be able to enjoy your retirement life with your family and friends.

A happy life

When you go through every other reason for Indians migrating to the US and living your dreams, you would be happy. It would result in a happy life. However, everything good in your life might take some time. Therefore, it would be important for you to have patience in your life. You would reach your aim eventually.

When you migrate from a strenuous culture to the US, which would be similar to a room with an air conditioner, the second generation of immigrants would be raised in the same way. They would outshine their parents in every way.